Monticule Festival 2018 takes place from 20th to 24th of June atop a little hill in South-West of France, sporting a gorgeous vista across the enchanting landscape and small towns of the Lot Valley. Over the course of five days a world outside the mundane reality will come to life, giving music and different forms of art a place to bloom.

Following our programming direction of previous years, Monticule has put out the call to spiritual warriors from it’s befriended high-energy collectives. With a strong core of French and German performers backed by guest producers and DJs from all over the globe, we will fill our four stages with a broad range of elements explored in electronic music. Sliding from Ambient to Disco, and Trance-not-Trance to Techno, our extended crew will bring something for everyone.


  • A Strange Wedding live

  • Alexander Arpeggio

  • Asaf Samuel & Katzele

  • Baba Stiltz

  • Bartellow

  • Ciao! Soundsystem

  • Confetti & Jules Gaardls

  • Detlef O.

  • Die Wilde Jagd

  • Dreems

  • Fez

  • Fjaak

  • Flo Scheuer

  • Gilb’R

  • Henry Gilles

  • John Talabot

  • Khidja

  • Konrad Wehrmeister

  • Kosme

  • La Staab

  • Lena Willikens

  • Leroy x Robinson

  • Les Fils De Jacob

  • LHF Squad

  • Modeselektor (DJ Set)

  • Michal Zietara

  • Nicola Cruz

  • Oko Dj

  • Obalski

  • Paramida

  • Psaum

  • Public Possession DJs

  • Robin Ramirez

  • San Quentin

  • Shimé

  • Siriusmo

  • Thur Deephrey

  • Tijana T

  • Vactrol Park live

  • Veli x Viwo

  • Walter Wolff

  • Yannic Bartel

  • Zenker Brothers

  • Zeno

  • More TBA...

A Strange Wedding live

Alexander Arpeggio

Mond Musik, Berlin

Asaf Samuel & Katzele

Malka Tuti, Tel Aviv

Baba Stiltz

Public Possession, Stockholm

Ciao! Soundsystem

Die Wilde Jagd

Malka Tuti, Berlin


Monticule Racing Team, Munich


Monkeytown, Berlin

Flo Scheuer

Monticule Racing Team, Munich


Versatile Records, Amsterdam

John Talabot

Hivern Discs, Barcelona


Malka Tuti, Bucharest

Konrad Wehrmeister

Lena Willikens

Salon Des Amateurs, Dusseldorf

Les Fils De Jacob

Positive Education, St. Etienne

Modeselektor (DJ Set)

Monkeytown, Berlin

Michal Zietara

Wilde Renate, Berlin

Nicola Cruz

Multi Culti, Quito

Oko Dj

BFDM, Paris


Love On The Rocks, Berlin


Robin Ramirez


Monkeytown, Berlin

Thur Deephrey

Tijana T

Dystopian, Belgrade

Vactrol Park live

Malka Tuti, London

Yannic Bartel

Monticule Racing Team, Munich

Zenker Brothers

Ilian Tape, Munich


  • Travel

    Opening hours
    Camping: 20.06.2018 – 07:00 am
    Festival: 20.06.2018 – 12:00 noon

    Closing hours
    24.06.2018 – 10:00 pm

    Travel by public transportation
    You don’t know how to get to Monticule by public transportation?
    download public travel plan

    The nearest airport is Toulouse, approximately 140km away. From there you can reach the festival site by train & bus, rental car or our airport shuttle.

    Toulouse Airport Shuttle
    We are offering an airport shuttle on Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday and Monday. Shuttle tickets can be purchased from our ticket shop. Seats are limited. No transfer without reservation.

    Cajarc Shuttle
    The closest bus stop to Monticule Festival is the small town Cajarc. From there we provide shuttle service (5,00 €) directly to the campgrounds. Departing times will follow soon.
    download Cajarc shuttle times

    Festival Bus from Munich
    We offer a shuttle bus from Munich. Bus tickets can be purchased from our ticket shop.

    The car park is 15 minutes away from the festival, and has limited space. There are special spaces for VW busses, camper vans and mobile homes. Both areas have limited capacity. You can buy parking & camper van tickets at our online shop.


  • Vacation

    Domaine de Gayfié lies in Parc naturel régional de Causses du Quercy, which means that there are plenty of different things to explore. By following the small serpentines down the hill, you gonna pass the Gouffre de Lantouy, a turquoise 80-meters deep spring and the ruins of an ancient monastery. Passing the Lot via the beautiful old suspension bridge you reach Cajarc, one of the most beautiful french mid-age villages. The authentic market-place, shops and restaurants definitely worth a visit.

    Monticule Festival is all about love. And to make love, it is very important to be in an adequate physical shape. Enter into a dialogue with your spirit and energize your body for the following hours of raving. Feel welcome to join our daily Yoga classes. Your body is everything you need.

    Astronomy Lessons
    Domaine de Gayfié and thus Monticule Festival is located at one of Central Europe’s darkest areas, known as the black triangle. Light pollution is very low here, so you have a crystal clear view of the sky at night. Since last year our friend Jan Rauschning-Vits set himself the challenge to teach you everything you need to know about stars, planets and signs.

    In case of general confusion, heavy legs or the need for warmth and security, Miriam and Jennie help you out with a fusion of Thai-Yoga-Massage, Shiatsu, Craniosacral Biodynamics and Acupressure. Just head to their cosy nest after dinner and let go of yourself into the skilful hands of those two charming ladies to prepare yourself for the night.

    As Domaine de Gayfié is a vacation residence during the year, its infrastructure has a lot to offer. You can find a tennis court, a basketball court, a ping-pong table and a volleyball court over there.


  • Good to know

    The camping area is filled with trees protecting the tents from direct sunlight. Please note due to the risk of forest fires, camping stoves and open fires are strictly prohibited! The campsite cannot be reached by car. Feel free to use the panorama showers which were specially built for you. Please only use biodegradable shower gel and shampoo to save ground water and nature.

    Danger of forest fires
    Please note, we are located in a very dry region with high risk of forest fires. Therefore ANY USE of open fire is strictly forbidden, including camping stoves! In order to protect the stunning nature we would also like to encourage you to dispose of your cigarettes into the provided ashtrays. Consider also: Even a cigarette butt can accidentally start a fire in a dry environment!

    Watch your step
    At some places on the festival ground there are very dangerous cliffs. They are up to 200 meters tall and extremely steep, rocky slopes, which are hard to spot. Therefore we must ask you to follow the pro- vided paths at all times and respect fences and barriers – they are only there for YOUR safety.

    Cash Money
    There is no ATM on the festival ground but you can pay with your credit or debit card from 20€ on. The next ATM can be found in Cajarc.

    Waste & Conservation
    Monticule Festival puts special emphasis on sustainability and conservation. Please respect the nature and allow us to re-enter Monticule Festival next year.

    Garbage Deposit
    It is very important to us to put together a sustainable festival to protect the beautiful nature. Therefore please bring your garbage bag to the collection point at the end of the festival, so we can return your 5€ garbage deposit.

    Racism & Sexism
    We do not accept any kind of violence against other people. If you feel harmed by another person please directly contact our securities or staff.

    First Aid
    For medical assistance the ambulance is located at the entrance of the festival. Please do not hesitate to contact them for any health issues you might experience.

    Lost & Found
    If you lose anything just contact us at the Info Point. You can also send us an email after the festival to

    Drinks & Food
    On the festival site there will be a variety of food stands. A breakfast cantina will be run by locals, and for snacks and other needs there will be a kiosk. You may bring your own food and beverages to the campsite. However we depend on refinancing the festival by selling drinks on site, so please understand that we cannot allow self provided drinks & food on the festival grounds.

    In the very unlikely event that the weather plays a trick on us, there are two large ballrooms to keep us dry and warm. Last years in June the average temperature was 25 degrees Celsius and no rain, however, appropriate clothing never hurts!

    Free drinking water is provided from several places on the site, you are welcome to fill up your containers and bottles.

    Useful stuff
    Flashlight, sunscreen, toilet paper, insect repellent, biodegradable shampoo, ear plugs, painkillers, swimwear, towels, water bottle, condoms, toothbrush


  • Rent a house

    Our 9 houses are directly located on the Monticule hill, just a 5-minute walk from the festival grounds. The houses will be equipped with a basic set of water, wine, toilet paper and towels. For inquiries and any kind of question please contact:

    → Houses for 4 – 5 Persons
    → Bathrooms with washing machine
    → Fully-equipped kitchen & living room with fireplace
    → Big terrace with barbecue